Learn how CW Squared’s services can transform your workplace performance

Learn how CW Squared’s services can transform your workplace performance

During a year long global pandemic, it’s fair to say that companies have been put under intense pressure with having to work with a reduced workforce, whilst phone lines have been drastically heightened due to the pandemic, increasing wait times and lowering customer satisfaction. That’s where CW Squared’s technology could come to your aid.



We are aware that over the duration of the previous 12 months, there has been a lot of work which hasn’t been classed as urgent and in turn has been put on the back burner, to be completed once we begin to resume normal protocol, which is looking like the near future. With all of this work still to be completed, and customers expecting this to be carried out sooner rather than later, we understand that this poses a problem for your workforce, having to deal with the backlog of this, plus new issues and queries that will continue to arise and need to be completed. That’s where CW Squared’s digital technology is the answer to your problems!


How our Video Triage services can help your workplace

During these unprecedented times, we are aware that face to face visits are in many cases not an option. With staff needing to continue to work from home and many customers needing to shield, at CW Squared we have the answer to ensure that staff and customers stay covid safe, whilst work and issues still get completed. Through our Video Triage services, you are able to reduce the number of repeat visits, saving your staff time and money, making sure that through our services, the problem can be diagnosed first time, allowing your employees to turn up fully equipped. Whilst we have been experiencing a particularly difficult 12 months, we have made it our mission at CW Squared to make human connection easy for everyone, everywhere through our various innovative Video Triage solutions, making life easier for your customers and for your staff. We understand that although strain has been put on face to face visits, the work still needs to be carried out and problems still need to be assessed, which is why our video triage services fulfils both, whilst ensuring we maintain safety.


How our Virtual Agent technology can help your workplace

Virtual agents (VA) include chatbots and automation capabilities, leaving your staff more time to deal with more complex and time consuming queries, whilst VA’s are able to pick up and complete other customer queries. Moreover, VA’s require no training, making the solution easy to adopt. VA’s integrate with the existing systems in the company to enable it to service and fulfil tasks for employees. Backed by AI and conversational capabilities, VA’s understand context, user preferences and sentiments. Virtual agent technology requires practically no time to install, and can be up and running in under a day, meaning that your staff can immediately see the benefits of the reduced workload on their desk whilst we soar back into normality, and they can start to deal with other queries, increasing productivity of staff, whilst getting double the amount of work done!

Whilst we resume normal regime, it’s safe to say that we are not going to jump head first back into normality, with workplaces still remaining to be cautious, so whilst you may still be operating on a reduced workforce, virtual agents and automation can give you the leeway to allow your staff to stay safe for the foreseeable and continue to work from home, increasing flexibility whilst productivity and customer satisfaction remains at an all time high- Win win!


How CW Squared can help

Above, are only a few of the benefits of incorporating CW Squared’s technology into your workplace, the advantages are endless on productivity and customer satisfaction. However, it’s extremely important to make sure that you choose the right partner to ensure you are getting the maximum value and potential out of your technology investments. At CW Squared, we can guarantee that with our video and AI powered services, we can help you to revolutionise your workload, aid staff at all points, soar your customer satisfaction and increase efficiency to an all time high, all whilst saving you and your staff not only time, but money! Furthermore, through our Video Triage services, we can ensure that your staff and customers stay covid safe, whilst saving your staff time and increasing efficiency, making it possible for the problem to be diagnosed via our solutions, reducing the number of repeat visits.



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