Virtual assistants must be part of the technological transformation

We understand that after the difficult year we have all experienced, work that has been put on the back burner will need to be carried out. With workers still having to work fully or partly from home, we are aware that returning to normal protocols could mean an increase in workload, whilst staff are trying to keep up efficiency and standards.

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CW Squared’s Dynamic Matrices Power Faster, Stronger Decision-Making

CW Squared act as Trusted Advisors to help CIOs, CISOs and other enterprise decision-makers keep up with the rapid rate of technological change. Our dynamic matrices allow for side-by-side, real-time comparison of key solution areas, such as UCaaS, CCaaS, Security, SD-WAN and Cloud with dynamic criteria selection and ranking.

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G-Cloud 12 supplier status for CW Squared

CW Squared is excited to announce our inclusion onto the G-Cloud 12 framework, part of the UK’s official Digital Marketplace for the Public Sector. With our G-Cloud accreditation, CW Squared is qualified to support UK public sector organisations and agencies in their journey to move to the next generation of Cloud Communication and AI Services.

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Enterprises Get Better Outcomes With Trusted Advisors

A Trusted Advisor is an extension of your team, helping you navigate the confusion in the market caused by the accelerating pace of change in IT. They are a change agent that understands the technology trends in the industry and can help you make sense of what it all means to your business.

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4 Digital Transformation Initiatives to Consider Now

Can Today’s Challenges Be a Catalyst for Positive Change?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our world, affecting our day-to-day lives in ways we never could have imagined even a few short months ago.

For many organisations, these changes have led to a fundamental shift in how we define business as usual, causing many companies to reassess and reprioritise their business and IT goals and budgets in dramatic and unexpected ways.

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Conversational AI Enhancing Business Intelligence

Data is fundamental to the success of any organisation. Data analytics gives insights into customer behaviour which thusly is utilised to fuel the vital activities of the business. Well-curated and comprehensive customer information can open up a universe of new opportunities dependent on solid numbers.

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5 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know a Virtual Agent Can Do

They don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk.

The excitement around intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) is palpable for those looking to improve customer experience. From the moment we discovered their ability to transform frustrating, IVR-based, self-service experiences into something as engaging as speaking to Siri or Alexa, we were transfixed. They had us at, “Hello, how can I help you?

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CW Squared’s services now available on DOS4

CW Squared is proud to have been awarded a place on Crown Commercial Service’s ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4’ (DOS4) framework in the ‘digital outcomes’ and ‘digital specialists’ categories. This agreement helps the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes by finding appropriate specialists to deliver agile software development. The framework is based on the approach detailed in the GDS Service Manual and complies with the GDS Service Standard.

Benefits of the framework for public sector buyers include easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities (compliant with the Digital by Default Standard), access to suppliers including small and medium size businesses, guaranteed supplier capacity to deliver digital projects at multiple UK locations and a flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ digital project needs. Contact us to discuss how to use the DOS4 framework to buy CW Squared’s innovative outcomes-based solutions.