90% call waiting time reduction at HMCTS

The Single Justice Procedure was introduced in 2015 and allows defendants accused of non-imprisonable, victimless offences to be tried and sentenced on the papers by a single magistrate without a hearing. This 90% reduction in call waiting times follows the introduction of Court and Tribunals Service Centres, which bring trained expertise together under one roof and use technology to solve queries more quickly. Court staff on the ground, who would previously answer calls, now have more time to better support both the public and legal professionals during hearings.

CW Squared delivered the Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) capability which enabled the smooth transition to customer focused service centres which have now taken over 3 million calls. People with cases managed under the Single Justice Procedure could previously wait up to five minutes for the phone to be answered, but are now getting the right support faster, ensuring swifter and more efficient access to justice, whilst court staff have been freed up to help public and legal professionals. Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from a modern cloud-based contact centre whilst retaining your investment in your telephone system.

Court users to benefit from new service centres

People across the country will benefit from two new Courts & Tribunals Service Centres opening today in Stoke and Birmingham. The new centres bring a number of justice services together under one roof to offer an improved and more consistent experience for victims, witnesses, and anyone who uses the court system.Once fully operational, more than 600 people will be employed across the sites to process cases, issue orders from courts and tribunals, and answer queries from the public. In turn, that will free up court and tribunal staff on the ground to better support the judiciary and help the public and legal professionals during hearings. An early migration to Cloud Communications, led by CW Squared, resulted in a seamless shift of calls from existing sites to the new Courts & Tribunals Service Centres, allowing staff to be effective from day 1. Contact us to discuss how cloud communications can make your business more effective.