CW Squared’s Dynamic Matrices Power Faster, Stronger Decision-Making

CW Squared’s Dynamic Matrices Power Faster, Stronger Decision-Making

CW Squared act as Trusted Advisors to help CIOs, CISOs and other enterprise decision-makers keep up with the rapid rate of technological change. Our dynamic matrices allow for side-by-side, real-time comparison of key solution areas, such as UCaaS, CCaaS, Security, SD-WAN and Cloud with dynamic criteria selection and ranking.


As your trusted advisors, CW Squared provide unlimited access the most powerful face-to-face IT decision-making tool for enterprise customers. Such access provides enterprise customers with faster, more comprehensive information leading to a significant reduction in procurement effort and time. Research has identified five areas where procurement has critical capability gaps that need to be addressed in 2020. These are: improving procurement’s agility; becoming a trusted advisor to the business; aligning skills and talent with business needs; modernising application platforms; and improving analytical and reporting capabilities. At CW Squared we will address each of the five areas for your business.



This data, which could normally take months to acquire and compile, is available and customisable in real-time at a moment’s notice. Chris Wells, Managing Director CW Squared, says “As technology selection continues to accelerate, our enterprise customers can be confident in the fact that they have the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.”


We work with you from the beginning to end of your technology procurement and delivery process. We take complex, time-consuming tender processes and simplify them.


We are a digital-first organisation that have many years of experience in researching, negotiating, delivering and supporting digital technology solutions. We analyse the providers so we know how to lower your costs while strengthening you organisation’s buying position.


CW Squared make the complex simple!


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