Making Business Communications Easy Again

Making Business Communications Easy Again

CIO’s looking for ways to help employees stay connected and collaborate while working in different locations around the globe are faced with a complex variety of devices, applications, and collaboration technologies.  While employees have access to many of these technologies on their personal devices, the traditional barriers of complexity and costs have limited deployment of business-class communications solutions to larger enterprises.


Enter unified cloud communications. A cloud communications solution offers businesses a unified telecommunications service that leverages newfound reliability and advanced connected technology, without the cost and complexity associated with larger enterprise solutions.


But not all cloud communications solutions are created equal.


With a focus on providing maximum benefit with minimum impact on your company, 8×8 has built a single Cloud Communications and Contact Centre platform that enhances the customer experience by harmonising the employee experience. Here’s how the platform optimises the communications experience:


  1. Offloads complexities to the cloud

Bringing voice, collaboration tools, contact centre and real-time analytics to the cloud removes the need to purchase, provision, manage and maintain on-premise equipment. It removes the expense of expert administrators, means fewer vendors, fewer bills and fewer apps, while connecting employees from across the street to around the globe, 8×8’s Cloud Communications and Contact Centre platform makes it easier to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.


  1. One phone number, multiple devices

In today’s communications-drenched work environment, both customers and employees demand immediate access via their preferred communication device. Problem is, switching between different devices leaves data behind and requires different passwords, protocols and too many apps and configurations to manage.


With 8×8’s Cloud Communications and Contact Centre solution, your employees and customers can continue to engage one another using their preferred devices, but on a single, unified platform that allows a streamlined, consistent experience. Chat, mobile phones, soft-phones, desktop phones, instant messages and video chat are integrated from the ground up on one platform, removing the siloes that many businesses are currently contending with as they struggle to keep up with the changing landscape of communications.


  1. 21st Century collaboration capabilities

With offices in multiple locations where employees can tap resources well beyond their physical locations, having a cloud-built unified communications platform that can integrate multiple devices into one number and offer advanced collaboration is critical. 8×8’s built-in collaboration allows for an extended reach to a broader pool of experts, improved decision making, and more engaged employees. This new dimension of business communications dials in productivity while creating a richer experience for employees and clients, allowing for more innovation and competitiveness, regardless of the size of business or the market you’re in. A recent report from Deloitte found that collaboration tools lead to workers that are 34% happier with their workplace culture compared to an environment where innovation and collaboration are not catered for.


In fact, that’s why 8×8 has spent the past half decade building and acquiring technology across two previously separate categories: unified communications and contact centre solutions.  It is by no stroke of coincidence that 8×8 offers products that specifically enable organisations to leverage their employees, experts and data to innovate and serve customers in ways that build true business value.



  1. Better Call Quality

8×8’s communications-as-a-service model affords companies with enhanced call quality on a supremely stable and reliable communications platform. By including seamless failover capability that requires no additional capital, rack space or servers to maintain, they’re able to deliver maximum communications uptime for clients. Where traditional infrastructure and premise-based systems can be configured for disaster recovery, this process can be complex and riddled with missteps that mean when disaster strikes, the phone systems take hours or days to recover. 8×8’s Cloud Communications and Contact Centre assures maximum availability and rapid disaster recovery without the bottlenecks and single-points of failure that weigh down premise-based legacy systems, so your business can stay connected no matter what happens.



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