Cyber attack ‘most significant on Irish state’


A cyber attack on Irish health service computer systems is “possibly the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish state”, a minister has said.

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Making Business Communications Easy Again

CIO’s looking for ways to help employees stay connected and collaborate while working in different locations around the globe are faced with a complex variety of devices, applications, and collaboration technologies.  While employees have access to many of these technologies on their personal devices, the traditional barriers of complexity and costs have limited deployment of business-class communications solutions to larger enterprises.

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The 8 Most-Asked Questions About Cloud Communications

81% of CIOs believe IT is entering a new era of customer-driven initiatives. Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud communications to craft better customer experiences. Some IT executives, failing to recognise the opportunities cloud solutions can bring to their businesses, are reluctant to adopt this new communications platform.

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Fear of Change in the Age of the Customer


Sometimes, we need to destroy the status quo to create a new model of engagement. Sometimes, the market does that for us and that can be even scarier. Change is always scary and overwhelming, especially when it comes to technology. But it is inevitable.

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